A Closer Look at Elite Auto Glass

More than half of all the people in the world love to travel. Playing the game of “if given the chance”, a lot of people would probably say that they would really want to go to a lot of places they would not truly have the access or the resources to go to. For starters, a lot of people would want to go out, pack a bag of clothes and hop on to their cars to go cross country traveling right in the backyards of the United States.

Glazier with car windshield made of glass

Though mostly avoidable, there are still a couple of times that people meet accidents while on the road on a travel, no matter how long the travel is and how far they have gone. In other times, there are other circumstances wherein there will be a need to replace broken windows and windshields because the vehicle and its passengers suffered from an accident.

Times like these would mark the time for the need of services of an auto glass expert to change cracked and broken windshields and windows for good before they could even cause further damage. And if people happen to have encountered such unfortunate windshield breaking accidents down at the area of Fort Collins, Livermore or anywhere else in Colorado, it would always be good to know that there is a company that’s dedicated to helping individuals with their auto glass installation needs. That company is called Elite Auto Glass.

History about the Company

Elite Auto Glass started out as a small glass service provider in Wichita, Kansas in the year 1947. From then on the little company went to be one of the best if not the number one auto glass provider in the United States, serving the 50 states with top quality auto glass for different kinds of vehicles whenever necessary. And not only do they do proper and safe installation of a vehicle’s auto glass, they also offer other great services to their customers relating to their vehicle.

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Because the company Elite Auto prides itself on being the best in the auto glass installation and repair business, they always make sure to maintain top quality service on all of their customers, wherever in the country. They offer different kinds of auto glass services such as:

  • Auto Glass Repair – May it be windows or the windshield itself, whatever kind of damage, the people from Elite will be there to cover it and do whatever is necessary to get the job done while maintaining quality and standards.
  • Auto Glass Installation – During serious vehicular accidents like collisions and rollovers, a vehicle may turn up losing one or two windows at the least, exposing passengers to other dangerous circumstances in the future. Getting the vehicle’s glass parts replaced by Elite will provide greater security for the entire family traveling.
  • Windshield Crack Repair -There are times certain things like rocks and even birds will fly out of nowhere and right straight to the windshield of the car. Sometimes, these things can cause cracks to the vehicle’s windshield, which can affect driving especially in harsh conditions. People from Elite can repair these kinds of cracks within minutes and will help travellers get safely get back on the road in no time.
  • Replacement of Windshield Wiper – Sometimes, in vehicular accidents, not only does the vehicle’s windshield take the most damage, but so does the car’s windshield wiper. These things are so fragile that in accidents, they are most likely to bend and break. This is the reason why Elite will also perform replacement of the vehicle’s windshield wiper so that motorists will be able to use them when necessary, like during winter or rainy seasons.


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Different Elite Auto Glass Locations

As mentioned in the earlier part of this article, the company Elite Auto Glass has changed from what was once a small shop serving locals in Wichita to serving masses on almost all areas in the United States. With more than 5,000 branches of mobile glass shops and over 10,000 associates, people are certain to get the best auto glass service in Elite. Some locations noteworthy are as follows:

1.      Elite Auto Glass Fort Collins

Whenever people visit the beautiful town of Fort Collins in Colorado to do fun recreational stuff like fishing in the rivers and lakes, going wild water rafting, hill climbing or just about enjoying the peace and quiet during vacation, it will be good to know that there is also an Elite branch in Fort Collins that they could go to for their windshield and windows crack repair and installation needs. Noted for their good work ethics and excellent service, they would surely do wonders for any kind of vehicle in less than the time anyone would expect it. Aside from Fort Collins, there are also a couple of other Elite branches that can be found spread all over the state of Colorado ready to give everyone the best service when it comes to one of the vehicle’s most fragile component which is the windshield and the windows. Other Elite branches can be found over in Pueblo, Aurora, Thornton and Lakewood in Colorado.

2.      Elite Auto Glass Livermore

This city out in the Alameda County in California is lucky enough to have an Elite branch somewhere in their neighborhood. With a top of the notch auto glass installation and repair company like Elite in their disposal, the people of Livermore and even those passing by will not have any problems when it comes to these kinds of emergency situations as Elite will surely bail them out.

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Trademark of Elite Glass

Once decided to get the service of Elite Glass, you sure can receive the following advantages:

  • Customer Satisfaction

When people talk about superb and excellent customer service when it comes to their vehicle’s glasses, a lot of them would quickly point out Elite as one of the best in the business. As the name suggests, these people are known for their:

  • Quick Response

A lot of satisfied customers have been mentioning about how quick Elite’s responses are when it comes to their service. For example, people living in the outer parts of Fort Collins in Colorado would expect home service for like an hour before they would come and do the repairs. Elite specialists came down to their home 20 minutes earlier to do the job, and the best part was, these people didn’t have to wait too long to get the job done, only a few minutes is what it took for them to get their windshield replaced and ready to go.

  • Fair Pricing

A lot of people would say that when a certain service company goes nationwide and get some recognition, that they would somehow increase their rates a little higher, but not Elite.

Bottom line

Elite has been known by many as an auto glass service company that offers high quality service for the price people will never regret of paying for. Though they charge a little higher than other companies out there, their customers didn’t even bother asking why, because their incredible work shows otherwise. Unlike other auto glass repair companies that charge the same price but offers mediocre to low quality service, Elite surpasses them for quite a stretch.