Factors to Consider When Selecting Auto Tint

Auto tint is very important because it gives the vehicle a fancy look, protects the vehicle occupants against harmful ultra violet rays of the sun and offers the desired level of privacy. The following are the important factors to consider before installing auto window tint film to ensure that it is done correctly. With these you will get the best services of the product.

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The expert for the job 

The success of an auto tint is heavily dependent on the selection of the right expert. It is, therefore, important to hire a provider with a good reputation in the field. It is highly advisable to visit the provider’s website for customer reviews from previous happy or dissatisfied clients. A visit to the provider’s workshop is necessary to examine how the job is done on other vehicles. This enables a vehicle owner to scrutinize the types of tools and equipment in use. It also provides an opportunity to examine the staff levels and their skills. This is to ensure that the job is done fast and to the satisfaction of the vehicle owner. The services offered at elite auto glass are exceptionally desirable, and vehicle owners are advised to consider taking their vehicles to these experts. A professional should offer attractive warranty terms to vehicle owners. This is to ensure that vehicle owners are protected financially where there are defects in the wok carried out as a result of poor workmanship or manufacture defects in the tint. The charges for the services should correspond to the quality of services. Tinting a vehicle’s window requires a fair amount of manual dexterity, patience and experience. A professional should possess the qualities to be able to give value for money to a vehicle owner.

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Legality of the tint in the vehicle owner’s jurisdiction 

It is important to examine the state laws to determine if tinting automobiles is allowed. This is to avoid fines and possible imprisonment if the laws are flouted. Information concerning the legality of the tint can be obtained from the website of the relevant state department or from the automobile tinting provider.

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Tint shade selection 

Vehicle owners need to select shades that offer the highest amount of optical clarity and the highest reduction of glare. It is important to strike a balance between the two so that it is possible to see the outside from the vehicle. Reflectivity in a tint should also be considered because it is its ability to keep off the sun’s glare away from the vehicle occupants. The quality of the tint should be high because it ensures that thieves cannot easily break into the car. A high quality tint acts as a barrier against unauthorized access to the items in a vehicle. A good example of a high quality tint is the 3m auto tint. It is so desirable that the vehicle can easily be mistaken to be installed with a factory tinted glass because it looks better. Prolonged use of the tint does not result in it turning purple like other types of tint. It also provides a high degree of heat rejection without any signal interference. It is necessary to select a shade that offers the highest privacy for the occupants in a vehicle. This is to ensure that any activities or occupants inside the vehicle cannot be viewed from outside. The color of the car should be considered so that it is possible to customize the tint to complement it. There are numerous auto window tint colors in the market, and it is important to select one that can give the car the fanciest look. Tint films come in various costs. It is important to select a film that is affordable to install and does not need constant replacement. It is, therefore, important to remember that the cheapest could be at the expense of quality, while the most expensive does not necessarily mean that it’s the best.

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Auto tint is popular amongst many vehicle owners because of the numerous benefits. It is, therefore, important that it is correctly done to ensure that it offers the results desired and lasts long. It is for this reason that vehicle owners should always be careful in the selection of experts and tint shade to get the most out of the exercise.

Car Tint to Style Up Your Car

Car Tint is clearly the in-thing nowadays and most car owners are rushing to get their windows jazzed up. Tinting your car comes with double benefits, one being style, and the other functionality. It gives an air of mystery and class to the car, and makes even the cheapest of vehicles look classy. When it comes to functionality, it keeps the interiors of a car cool, while at the same time protecting from the prying eyes of people outside. Some tint films have the shatterproof ability, whereby if the window glass of a car breaks shards of glass will not pose any threat.

How to Apply Car Window Tint

Choosing a Car Tint Installer

A job is only as good as the person who does it. When looking for a good tint for your car, you need to go to a reputable dealer, such as Elite Auto Glass. Getting a dealer is not easy; there are a few steps you have to follow. First, inquire how long they have been in operation. No matter how tough the market is, they should have endured long. This shows that they have quality customer service.

The type of tinting material that they are using will also speak volumes about the reputation of a tint shop. They should have a wide variety of tinting materials. The places that have only one kind show that they are not dedicated to their job, and they will not also be able to satisfy your needs fully.

Quality Car Tint Shades

Check the samples of the work done. Rather than checking only a single station and choosing them, go to various places. Inquire about all the tinting options that they have, and draw comparisons from each. Also, ask the various dealers to give you price quotations for different tint jobs. The price should not be high, neither should it be too low, as too low of a price might mean that they compromise on the quality of work.

Remember to check for the warranty. A good dealer will give you a minimum of a year’s warranty. If anything happens to the tint before the warranty period is up, they should do a replacement for you at no extra cost. If there is no warranty, do not accept.

Before you bring your car for a tinting, have some few appointments with the ones who will be doing the tinting to get them on board with what you want for your car. After you are confident they have the right idea, give them time to carry out the job. Do not rush them, as it will not be done to perfection.

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Car Tint Removal

There are many reasons for wanting to remove car window tint. Whether you are trying to comply with car tint laws, or you just want to change the car tint shades, you need to know how to remove the tint properly.

Start by clearing the window. Remove any stickers on it, and anything else of importance. Then, take a large black garbage bag and cut it. Make sure it is large enough to fit the window. Spray the window with water, and lay the bag on top. Smooth it out to ensure that it has covered all parts adequately.

wind deflector

Protect the interior surfaces and upholstery by covering them up with protective layering, such as a plastic sheet. Spray generous amounts of concentrated ammonia on the inside of the window, and cover with black plastic sheeting. Tape the edges with masking tape to hold them in place. Next, expose the windows to direct sunlight and let it get hot for at least an hour. However, do not expose side windows to the sun, as it will only serve to harden them up. Now you can begin to peel off the tint. If you notice that it has started to dry off, you can add some ammonia to moisten it. If the edges remove to come off, you could nip them off with a razor blade. Remember to put on some gloves when working with the ammonia to avoid causing damage to your skin.

When you have finished peeling off the entire window tint, now you can use steel wool or a scouring pad and some detergent to get off the adhesive that has stuck to the glass.

7 Easiest Tips For Choosing The Car Mirror Tint

Car mirror tint is a must which helps to protect both you as well as your passengers especially in the situation when you are spending lots of time on the road. Mirror tint for cars is done by using certain smoothing devices with a properly cut piece of the chrome window tint. As per the laws, you need to review what is the maximum percentage of tint can be. In order to smooth, use cardboard, squeegee or smooth rod on to the mirror window.

How To Mirror Tint A Car

How to mirror tint your cars?

If you are having a plan to get your car window tinted then here are few things which you need to concentrate on since tint is very expensive and can’t be changed every now and then. So before selecting the shades you must keep some points in mind.

Of course the tinted glass is going to give you privacy and the protection from the sun but in a few areas the dark windows are not permitted as also it is illegal to have dark windows. So before installing dark shade you must look into the rules and regulations of your areas. You can get this information from the window tint company you choose.

Arctic Silver Mirror Tint For Cars

Few people looking to neighbor’s tinted glass or posters gets inspiration to tint their glasses without even thinking whether that shade looks great for your car. So it is advised to choose the shade which is suited for your car. Normally the mirror tint looks good for silver or black color car. If your car color is red then you can choose a black shade since black is highlighted in the red cars.

You also have the option of getting a strip on the top of the windshield which matches the shade of the rest of the car. This strip will help in protecting the eyes of the driver since it works like a sun shade while driving. It looks good for the sports car and for an ordinary car it gives a sporty look. If in case you are interested in making your ordinary car into a sporty looking car then you can have different strips on your car.

Reliable Mirror Window Tint

Seven tips which help you in choosing right mirror window tint for your car are given below.

  • You must snoop around the various car tinting shops which helps you knowing more knowledge about the variety of tints available. Try to ask for the samples which will give you an idea about how the tint will look and how much it would cost.
  • Decide between top-tier and average tint: if you do not subject your car for constant abuse then the top-tier can look great, long lasting and does their job better. If you rough up your car then you can choose the average tints.
  • You must search for a UV reflecting window tint: if you expose your skin for sun for a long duration of time then the sun can be pretty harsh. By choosing the UV-reflecting window tints, you can keep your skin away from the harmful stuff of sun and also it prevents from the sun’s energy getting trapped inside the car. Thus it helps in minimizing the oven effect inside the car.
  • You must know the state laws on the tinted windows: each state will be having its own code for the car tinting darkness.
  • Consider having a pro install even though the cost may price little higher.
  • Certain spots must be kept away from the tints: try to avoid light tints especially in a situation where there is little light for illuminating the things around you. Also images on mirrors will be obscured by tints.
  • You must know how to take care about your mirror window tint as well as the mirror tint film which you prefer to put in your car.

Reflective Mirror Tint Film

If you are planning to give a fancy look for your car then you can prefer colored tints. For yellow cars you can prefer slight yellow tints for the windows which make it look quite fancier. You can get the customized window from Mirror Tint Company which helps you to have window tints of your choice.

The reliable Elite Auto Glass Company is a good company which provides a high quality service for the reasonable price for which people will never regret for paying that money. Compared to other companies, they charge little higher but customers are least bothered about it since they are capable of providing an incredible work and service.

Try the 3M Tint Series Window to Upgrade Your Automobile

Using modern technology, ample amount of people want their vehicles to look stunning and great. Usually they can achieve their goal of upgrading their vehicle with 3m tint films. There is plenty of up gradations that you can make your automobile look great. But these improvements can charge a pretty penny.

Reliable 3m Automotive Window Film

A Little History

In 1966, window tint was invented by 3M. It has innovative products that prevents from harmful sun’s rays and provides protection. It offers cool feel inside Automotives and has been in the market for more than 40 years.

Even though, it has been frequently used in many automobiles for years, 3m window tinting has become more widespread in homes too. This reduces the harmful ultraviolet rays and avoids the reflection and glares which is common in several other window tints.

All About 3m Auto Tint

Why 3M Tint Should Be Installed By Professionals

Window tinting involves working with true professionals. There are plenty of advantages by adopting window tints to your automobile, such as safety, privacy and increased efficiency of vehicles. However, these excellent changes won’t be possible by using a company that produces inferior output.

While cutting the edges and corners, window tints should be applied in a specific manner for an effective result. It is an art that should be processed and installed carefully by a skilled team. If window tints are placed incorrectly, it may result in wrinkle and bubble on the car’s surface. This results in a shorter life span of tint and makes your vehicle look unattractive. Hence before window tinting, one should be very careful in selecting a professional company and make sure that what kind of material they use.

3m Automotive Tint

What Makes it Essential

The benefits of 3M window tint films are plenty. Some of which include the following:

  • A 3M tint glass covers your vehicle bumpers, grill, headlights and side mirrors. It prevents your vehicle from cracking of paint, damages from bugs and other elements
  • Prevents damage to your vehicle when attacked by minor damage.
  • Blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays of about 99% and prevents all kinds of damages by the sun’s rays while you are in the car.
  • These tints help even with visibility or looking out of windows after dark. So this becomes the deterrent to theft i.e., it helps out in spot extra security. It comforts the driving experience to the car rider by blocking out ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays increase the temperatures inside the vehicle and avoid the fading damage of interiors system in the automobile.


Trademark and Service from Elite Auto Glass

Surely, there are many advantages you can receive from elite, once when you decide to get service from Elite glass. Customer satisfaction, quick response and fair pricing are the main three motives of the Elite Glass. When coming into service of this, it gives an excellent and superb customer service. Elite has been identified by many automobile glass service company that includes and offers very high quality service for the rich people will never regret of paying for. Even though they charge a pretty little costlier than other companies, they are incredible work showers.

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3M Ceramic Tint: Features and Advantages

  • Life span is more and never turns to purple color.
  • These are non metalized, i.e., there will be no signal interference
  • Provides a sun protection factor of about 1000 and gives protection against UV rays
  • Block the heat coming through your car windows of about 60% and avoids 80% of IR rays and gives protection.
  • The original appearance of the car remains same by avoiding the fading damage to the interiors of your car.
  • This rejects the heat with amazing clarity because it combines of nano-ceramic technology.



3M auto tint glass maximizes your car cool factor in several ways. This blocks glare, heat and prevents in interior fading. Auto tint glass gives a new looks to your car and protects from sun with SPF factors up to 1000. By this the appearance of the car remains original. It also enhances the beauty of the car and provides the view control, day lighting and privacy.

The benefits from these 3M tint glasses are more. Hence all car owners are now getting up with these tinted glasses in their car. There are plenty of tinted glass options with regards to color and designs are available to suit the needs of every vehicle owner.

Importance Of Glass Tinting

Glass tinting can be done for various reasons. Apart from adding beauty to the car it also protects the interior from direct UV sunlight which can damage seats. The process of getting a professional tint is simple. It starts with cleaning the area, application of film and final installation. Clients would also get a written contract showing their service portfolio and warranty cover.

All About Glass Tinting

When looking for quality tints, always ensure they are scratch-resistant and covered with a robust coat layer. Good films should also have cooling properties which filter out excess heat from the environment, thus ensuring that the car’s interior temperature is always balanced. Windows may as well be fitted with high quality resin adhesives which protect them from cracking or peeling. Professional auto glass tinting would give the automobile a neat and sporty look.

Glasses are only cleaned with special film solution to ensure that there’s proper bond between them and the tint material. Moreover, the window film can be reshaped or contracted to match a car’s size and contour. Experts use precision computer technology which ensures that there are no seams or gaps in-between the window and vehicle body.

Drivers shall be awarded with a warranty card that features factors like installation date, the car’s VIN number, lot numbers and variety of film that has been installed. A vehicle is the extension of one’s personality, auto tinting glass installation ensures that the vehicle is always upbeat.

A Brief Look at Auto Glass Tinting

Types of Automobile Window Tinting

There are several techniques that can be applied to tint windows ranging from basic dyed film sets to hybrid applications.

  • Deposited film refers to a special vacuum-sealed tint process where nickel or aluminum properties are added onto the application solution. Hot gas rising from the tank causes these metallic properties to form a coat on the car’s window thus creating a clean dark surface on top of it.
  • Another version is known as the heat blockage dye, as the name suggests it’s only meant for regulating sunlight. This application is quite affordable compared to the rest but also less durable.
  • Sputtered film. Metallic bonds of the tint material are added with lots of positive ions, the resultant particles are collected using a clear polyester bag or a basic film which is later added onto the window. This car glass tinting technique doesn’t include pigments or dyes and all metals used should be non-oxidative. The procedure leads to less reflection and much clear views for drivers.
  • Hybrid film. It employs both metal and dye applications thus making it the best option for blocking dangerous UV sun-rays.

Before seeking glass tinting services, car owners should ensure that they abide by all the state laws concerning this activity. Some authorities have limitation on how dark one can shade their windows. They determine it by using visible lighting transmission percentage system also known as VLT, referring to amount of light that passes through tinting film and the glass. There are certain metallic compounds which are too reflective and not recommended for drivers. They cause too much reflection that can blind other road users and cause accidents. The overall cost of tinting depends on what type of film is being applied and also the vehicle’s size; other factors include specific brand and age of the vehicle.

DIY Car Glass Tinting

Benefits of Tinting

  • Since glass tinting keeps the interior cool, drivers would eventually spend less on their car’s air conditioning system which uses fuel.
  • It offers limitless privacy. There are times when one may not want strangers to stare at who they have carried, or what they have kept at the back seat. Window shading would therefore come in handy. Users also run less risk of their cars being broken into especially if they are carrying valuable goods; this is because outsiders can’t see the interior.
  • Prevents light glares and reflections bouncing back from surrounding buildings or other cars.
  •  It protects windows from cracking or shattering due to extreme environmental conditions such as extreme heat. This ensures that they last longer thus saving the owner from spending too much time and money on replacements.


Reasons To Consider Auto Tinting Glass

Remember to ask the elite auto glass tinting firm for an official compliance certificate after they have completed their task, this document can be given to the police in case the car is stopped for routine questioning. Though black is the most popular color in shading, other shades like blue, red and green can also be used.

Windshield Tint

In order to avoid a temperature increase in the car cabin it is important for you to get your car windows tinted with a windshield tint. The front windshield is the largest window of any automobile. Hence, there can be a huge amount of heat energy could be transmitted. The window tint protects the interior from fading away from the harmful sunrays. Overall we can say the tint beneficial in different ways such as energy saving, UV rays protection, safety and comfort are greatly improved.

Full Front Windshield Tint

How can you apply a windshield tint for your vehicle?

You have to be really careful while getting your window tinted. Only a professional can handle the job. Even the smallest of the smaller mistake can lead to problems like the emergence of bubble or the tint may start peeling away. Then it is a loss for the consumer. You have to follow these simple steps to get the right windshield tinted for your car.

About Windshield Tint

Firstly, you have to get the right tinting materials like windshield tint film, razor blades, a utility knife, a bone tool, a spray can or bottle that is filled with some soapy water, a blow dryer and few squeegees sponges.

  • Take the exact measurements of all the windshields that have to be tinted and cut the tint film in the exact shape and with the correct measurements.
  • Use the powerful spray bottle and clean the window to be tinted with the soapy water and remove all the traces of cleanser or the soap. Make sure the window is completely clean and even the tiniest substance is removed with a razor.
  • Now clean the auto glass with the squeegee sponge. This is the crucial part of the cleaning and it has to be performed.
  • Leaving a margin gap of one by four inches, place the window tint on the glass firmly but gently and push the tint till the edges of the window.
  • Now heat the tinted portion with a dryer and again rub the tint film with squeegee firmly but gently. This will help you to remove all the moisture or the air bubble that might have surfaced beneath the tint.
  • Repeat the same steps for all the other windows as well.

Also the front windshield tint is quite different from the other window tints. It is because you can completely darken the front windshield. Only a few inches from the top where direct sunlight falls can be tinted. The rest of the glass should be planed that enables the road vision. However, with the advancement in the technology, you can now get the complete tin for the front windshield. One of the popular auto service company called Elite Auto Glass is now providing the best window tint for the front glass. This has enabled the driver and the front passenger to get rid of burning sun rays. They have different services like, window tint installation, auto glass repair, windshield crack repair, windshield replacement and much more. You can get all the above mentioned services at a reasonable price.

Should You Get Windshield Visor Tint

Warnings and tips:

Do not work on the windshield tint if you do not have enough knowledge about it. You may spoil the quality of the auto glass. Even though this work is less expensive it is advisable for you to contact a professional for the work. There are certain windshield tint laws to be followed while performing the operation means in some countries window tint or darkening the window or windshield is illegal. So before you go a dark tint make sure you follow the traffic rules in order to avoid any legal trouble. You have to get the reviews of he state laws before getting the windshield tinted.

Know About Windshield Tint Laws

Benefits of the windshield tints:

  • With the windshield visor tint on your car glass you can have cooler summer and warmer winter. With this you can decrease the use of an air conditioner or the heater in the respective seasons and thus you can increase the fuel economy.
  • It restores the glass strength and also the structural integrity is increased, give higher optical clarity for driver and enables smooth wiper operations with bumps.
  • It protects your skin from being damaged from the UV rays.

There are many different companies who are providing this windshield tint service. You have to get the best technician on board.