Taking Care of Your Car Windshield

The car windshield plays a very vital role. It not only facilitates aerodynamic airflow to reduce air drag on the vehicle, but also protects the driver as well as the passengers sitting inside it. However, an untoward incident such as an accident or getting hit by debris could result in a chip or crack formation on the car windshield. This may obscure the view of the driver and account for a mishap while driving on the highway. Hence, to ensure the safety of all, it would be prudent to take care of the windshield at regular intervals of time and do the repairing or replacement as the situation demands.

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Repair or replace?

While replacing the car windshield could easily set you back by a few hundred dollars, considering repairing it could be a viable option if the damage so inflicted is of a lesser degree. However, there are limitations too as the technicians would not be able to repair a crack that is more than three inches long or chips that are bigger in size. If you are not sure whether to repair or replace the windshield of your car, you can take it to a local glass dealer or to one of the branded outlets like Elite Auto Glass for a thorough analysis of the damage and come up with the appropriate solution.

Car Windshield Repair or Replacement

How it is done


  • Car windshield repair: It involves a thorough analysis of the damaged area by the professionals. If repairing the portion seems apt, the car is draped all over so as to safeguard it against any further damage during the repairing process. Then using some advanced tools, the damaged area is cleaned of any dust or moisture trapped inside to make sure the repair is of high quality. After this stage is complete, a special resin is injected into the crack or hole to fill the gap and left undisturbed for some time to get settled. Last but not the least – the glass surface is polished to give it a blemish free look and feel.

One can also try his hand at repairing small chips or holes on the windshield using various repairing tool kits available in the market today and save on the repairing costs.

  • Car windshield replacement: This mode of treating the damaged windshield is adopted only when repairing the car windshield is no longer possible. It may be because the damage is of a higher degree or the glass was totally shattered in the accident. Car windshield replacements could only be handled by a professional organization like Elite or Safelite Auto Glass who have the required technology and tools to address the problem in a professional manner.


How To Replace Your Automobile Windshield

Other Accessories

When it comes to windshields, one cannot overlook the importance of a car windshield shade. They not only keep the car interiors cool but also look trendy and are a favorite amongst car enthusiasts. They obstruct the harmful UV rays of the sun and are capable of keeping the interiors up to 50 degrees cooler during the summer months. They consist of a triple laminate structure and feature a middle foam core sandwiched between two layers of reflective surfaces coupled with inner coatings of felt for added protection.

They act as an insulator and keep the temperature of the car down for a cool and comfortable driving experience. These shades come in various sizes. While the standard ones come at 24” x 58”, the larger variety is to be found in 27” x 67”. One must consult a professional before deciding on which type of shades to buy for his car.

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Taking proper care of the windshields of a car is a very important step towards ensuring the safety of the passengers and should not be neglected in any case.

A Guide to Repairing a Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield is not only annoying but also not safe. Gone are the days when a crack in the glass meant replacing the windshields. Not only did it burn huge holes in the pockets of the customers but it was also indeed time-consuming. The recent developments in the automobile industry include repairing the chipped or cracked windshield. Perhaps the increasing crime rates have contributed to the development of a technology like this.

How to Repair Your Cracked Windshield

Repair or replace: The big question

This big question immediately pops up in the head as soon as the word repair crops up. The most advanced of technologies can cover cracks up to twelve inches long. However, they do have their own limitations. If the damage is severe, then the ultimate solution is to replace it. When a windshield has already been repaired, it will no longer look as good as it was when it was still brand new. Car insurances cover windshield repairs. Since repairs are a lot cheaper than replacements, automotive insurance companies easily pay for the entire transaction.

Ways To Repair Cracked Windshield

Why repair and not replace

There are various reasons one should choose to fix cracked windshield. The chief ones are:

  • Cost effectiveness: A new windshield will cost a fortune. Again, with the quality of the glass, installation charges and the modulation kit, the costs sum up to a greater amount. The cost of repairing on the other hand is nominal. Replacing windshield costs four to ten times the money more than repairing it. Repairs may cost more depending on the intensity of the damage.
  • Durability: Repairing a cracked windshield does not hamper its durability in any way. Most of them use resin, a material known for its longevity to fill up the gaps. Resin, automatically after the process hardens the glass and prolongs the windshield’s life.


How To Fix A Cracked Windshield

Where to go to repair a cracked windshield

Though most leading companies and outlets offer the service, it is better to opt for local automotive glass shops that offer good quality yet affordable equipment manufacturer windshields. However, some branded outlets like the reliable Elite Auto Glass charge reasonably and do a commendable work.

Another wonderful option is ‘Mobile Glass Repair and Replacement Service’. They come to wherever the car or the vehicle is located and repair cracked windshield. They also replace the windshields whenever required. This makes them one of the best service providers in this segment. For other options, consulting Yellow Pages under Glass-Auto or Windshield repair or an internet research will provide a better insight. It will also help to locate the nearby outlet of a particular franchise.

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 Details of the procedure

The damage spreads via the middle layer of plastic sandwiched between two layers of glass. Accordingly, repairing a cracked windshield involves the injection of resin into the damaged area by using a tool that will stick to the glass and the plastic. Polishing gives the windshield a brand new look. This is, however, the most important step. The procedure becomes more and more critical depending on the intensity of the damage. Some steps before the main step are crucial and extensive.

If the dirt and dust settles in the cracks, it is not possible to remove them and the repairing is futile. Repairing without cleaning, will reduce the longevity of the windshield and make it fragile. Each crack is different and so is the response of the chip to the cracked windshield repair. Some show instant response, whereas others take time. Some of them end up looking brand new, whereas others never look as perfectly clear as a brand new one. The technology is still in its formative stages. It will be developed further in the times to come.

To conclude, repairing is the appropriate option when looking for a quick, cost effective solution.

Windshield Crack Repair for a Better View

If you are the owner of a car or a truck, then it is highly probable that you required a windshield crack repair at some point of time. The windshield cracks generally arise out of collision by an airborne object. The cracks can be formed either when it is in motion or when it is in the parking lot. There are two ways of fixing a windshield crack that is either by undertaking the relevant repairs or by replacing the windshield completely. If the crack is significantly big and is quite easily noticeable, then it is better to opt for the services of a technical expert.

Where To Go For Windshield Crack Repair

The repairing services

Windshield crack repair is highly effective and safe. Getting the problem fixed by a certified mechanic takes even less than 30 minutes. The finest quality of repairing measures ensures the structural compactness of the windshield. A good damage repair also prevents the crack from spreading all over the surface and does not essentially involve replacing the glass. The crack windshield repair services cover the following aspects:

  • Quick repair
  • Professional service
  • Lifetime warranty


The repair windshield crack undertaken satisfies the particular vehicle code standards. The service also offers money back guarantee to all its clients. Good repairs could result in minimizing the cracks beyond the visible range. It is always better not to wash the windshield before the repair. The change in temperature of the glass surface might as well increase the cracks. It is advisable to windshield in a cool surrounding during the summer and in a garage on a wintry night.

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Consequences of driving with a damaged windshield

A partially cracked windshield will inevitably block the view of a driver and expose the vehicle to potential hazards both on and off the road. If the cracks are not fixed straight away there is always the danger of the crack increasing with time. The windshield is also an essential part of the vehicle’s structure. The compactness of the frontal part of the car might be hampered in case of a damaged windshield. The windshield crack repair therefore becomes significantly important.

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Repairing the crack

Sealing the crack at the initial stages might be beneficial and could be done easily at the local automotive store. The seal should be done delicately and often requires mixing several compounds from the repairing kit. The windshield is first cleaned thoroughly using an appropriate cleaner. This keeps from the dirt particles from settling over the cracks. The windshield crack repair kit is provided with a suction cup that is placed conveniently over the cracks to be filled with resin. Any existing air gaps within the cracks are gotten rid of. Resin is gradually injected within the cracks. This process is continued for sometime. All the suction equipments are then removed from over the windshield and the excessive resin is scrapped off using a razor blade. A clean cloth rag is used for the final cleaning.

Best Crack Windshield Repair

Best auto glass

Majority of the car owners use the elite auto glass for installation as a windshield. This particular glass is manufactured according to the international glass standards. The same glass can also be applied in the rear and side windows of the vehicle to resist scratches and minor cracks. This superior quality of glass also has the most reasonable pricing range.

Besides, the efficient coverage of the mobile networks by the various service providers makes it convenient for you to seek windshield crack repair service midway of your journey. The superlative quality of craftsmanship that goes into making an elite glass is what makes it stand out from the common types of glasses.

Windshield Repair for Your Car

Windshield repair of your car becomes imperative whenever a crack develops in the glass or if there is a small chip to be repaired. You need to remember that windshields are hard types of glasses that protect anyone sitting inside the car. If a crack develops or there is a small chip which can later grow bigger and more vulnerable with time, it becomes necessary to repair the damage then and there to avoid any further complications and to protect the car from any untoward incident like an accident.

Auto Glass Damage Repair With Elite Auto Glass

How to get it done

Elite Auto Glass is a company based in based in the US and it specializes exclusively in auto glass repair and replacement. Windshield repair is done by skilled technicians and it takes about thirty minutes to repair a typical chip or a crack of say six inches long. A high quality windshield repair would ensure the structural integrity of the whole glass repair being done and make the blemishes even less noticeable. To repair the chips the company uses state of the art technologies to inject resins into the chip and then cure and polish. It is far more affordable than replacing the whole windshield itself and it would save hundreds of dollars in the process.

How to Repair Your Cracked Windshield

Doing it yourself

Windshield repair kit is also available in the market that effectively addresses the problem and offers a permanent solution. The repair that occurs is crystal clear and cures naturally in sunlight. This repair kit is especially meant for damages done by flying rock debris. The new advanced formula helps to cure the hole or chips as big as 1.25 inches in diameter. It prevents further damage as the chips and holes may soon develop into cracks and eventually the whole glass would require replacement costing you hundreds of dollars. There are no tools or mixing required and after repair the glass would look as good as being replaced. It applies for almost all types of vehicles like cars, trucks and SUVs.


Why it is so important

Windshield chip repair is essential because if it is ignored, it may develop into cracks and damage the whole windshield. So once you spot a chip or hole has developed ,call for professional help as soon as possible and ensure the damage is repaired in no time.

How it is done

  • Once you call the professionals, they would inspect the whole glass to ensure where a repair is required or not.
  • Once they are sure that they have found a chip which can develop into further cracks, they start working on it.
  • They put protective drapes over the whole car to prevent further damage.
  • Then they vacuum out any moisture or debris out of the hole.
  • They inject a specially made resin to fill the hole and harden it by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Once the resin has hardened, they polish the surface and remove any blemishes over the glass as much as it is possible.

The whole process takes about thirty minutes and you get your glass repaired without replacing it.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Windshield Crack

More tips

Windshield repair becomes a little more complicated when a crack develops in the glass. Windshield crack repair is done by examining the extent of the damage and if only they feel that the crack thus developed can be repaired, they do opt for the rearing process. Firstly, any debris or moisture is taken care of. Then a specially made resin is applied in the cracks and they are hardened by ultraviolet radiation. After hardening the glass is polished and removed of the blemishes.

Last, but not the least, while many auto insurance companies provide full coverage, there are others too who do not cover any damage to the windshield. Hence, it is advised to go through the insurance document carefully before signing any documents.

To conclude, one must take proper care of one’s car and especially the windshield to ascertain a safe journey.

All about Car Windshield Replacement

Everyday millions of people travel by roadways to reach their destinations in their own cars. They also spend a lot of money every year for maintenance of the wear and tear of their cars as well. One amongst them is car windshield replacement. Given the fact, that not all roads are well paved, one usually comes across small rocks and gravels while hitchhiking or roving around in tough terrains. For this reason, it is very likely that some of this debris might hit the car windshield at some point of time and hence a car windshield replacement would be required for the same.

Service For Car Windshield Replacement

Types of Cracks

A car windshield might suffer various types of cracks. Some of them are as listed below:

  • Circular Pattern: This is the most common type of crack that is found in car windshields. It gets formed when something that is sharp and small hits the windshield and goes through it. Due to the impact, a small hole gets created and the crack radiates outward in a circular pattern.
  • Star Pattern: A star shaped crack occurs when the debris is somewhat of the bigger kind and creates a hole that is bigger than the circular pattern.
  • Hair Crack: This type of crack happens when something hits the windshield with a somewhat slow speed and leaves a long hair crack on it. This type of crack is the easiest to repair and is easy on the pocket too.


While most of these cracks result due to small rocks and other forms of debris, some of them could also be the result of accidents and vandalism. Moreover, weather could also play a spoilsport in this regard, and damage could be inflicted due to extreme hot or cold weather conditions.

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Repair vs. Replacement

While repairing is obviously easier on the pocket than a full fledged car windshield replacement, implementing it in all kinds of situations may not be always possible. If the damage so inflicted is of a higher degree, then one has to go for a total replacement car windshield. However, if it’s a small crack then one can get the chip worked on to get the job done, so that it doesn’t spread to a wider area and interrupts with the visibility of the driver. This way, one would be able to avert accidents to a great extent.

Where to get it done

If value for money is something one is looking for, then going to the local automotive glass retails is the answer. They offer a wide range of cheap car windshield replacement services which are of good quality and are easy on the pocket as well. However, if one is looking for classic car windshield replacement, then one can go for some renowned brands like Elite Auto Glass, which is a well-known windshield manufacturer across the whole world.

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Their products are not only durable, but can last for many years without making a fuss. One can go to one of their outlets for the repairing work o give them a call and their mechanics would reach even to the farthest of lands to do the repairing work. They have a large network of outlets throughout the world.


Many renowned auto insurance companies do provide full coverage for car windshield replacement. However, there are others too who do not provide full coverage and charge an insurance deductible instead. Hence, one must check the details of a scheme while signing for an insurance of his car. This would go a long way to ascertain smooth paperwork in case of an accident in the future.

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 To conclude, one should take proper care of the windshield of a car to ascertain smooth driving experience and avert accidents.