Importance Of Glass Tinting

Glass tinting can be done for various reasons. Apart from adding beauty to the car it also protects the interior from direct UV sunlight which can damage seats. The process of getting a professional tint is simple. It starts with cleaning the area, application of film and final installation. Clients would also get a written contract showing their service portfolio and warranty cover.

All About Glass Tinting

When looking for quality tints, always ensure they are scratch-resistant and covered with a robust coat layer. Good films should also have cooling properties which filter out excess heat from the environment, thus ensuring that the car’s interior temperature is always balanced. Windows may as well be fitted with high quality resin adhesives which protect them from cracking or peeling. Professional auto glass tinting would give the automobile a neat and sporty look.

Glasses are only cleaned with special film solution to ensure that there’s proper bond between them and the tint material. Moreover, the window film can be reshaped or contracted to match a car’s size and contour. Experts use precision computer technology which ensures that there are no seams or gaps in-between the window and vehicle body.

Drivers shall be awarded with a warranty card that features factors like installation date, the car’s VIN number, lot numbers and variety of film that has been installed. A vehicle is the extension of one’s personality, auto tinting glass installation ensures that the vehicle is always upbeat.

A Brief Look at Auto Glass Tinting

Types of Automobile Window Tinting

There are several techniques that can be applied to tint windows ranging from basic dyed film sets to hybrid applications.

  • Deposited film refers to a special vacuum-sealed tint process where nickel or aluminum properties are added onto the application solution. Hot gas rising from the tank causes these metallic properties to form a coat on the car’s window thus creating a clean dark surface on top of it.
  • Another version is known as the heat blockage dye, as the name suggests it’s only meant for regulating sunlight. This application is quite affordable compared to the rest but also less durable.
  • Sputtered film. Metallic bonds of the tint material are added with lots of positive ions, the resultant particles are collected using a clear polyester bag or a basic film which is later added onto the window. This car glass tinting technique doesn’t include pigments or dyes and all metals used should be non-oxidative. The procedure leads to less reflection and much clear views for drivers.
  • Hybrid film. It employs both metal and dye applications thus making it the best option for blocking dangerous UV sun-rays.

Before seeking glass tinting services, car owners should ensure that they abide by all the state laws concerning this activity. Some authorities have limitation on how dark one can shade their windows. They determine it by using visible lighting transmission percentage system also known as VLT, referring to amount of light that passes through tinting film and the glass. There are certain metallic compounds which are too reflective and not recommended for drivers. They cause too much reflection that can blind other road users and cause accidents. The overall cost of tinting depends on what type of film is being applied and also the vehicle’s size; other factors include specific brand and age of the vehicle.

DIY Car Glass Tinting

Benefits of Tinting

  • Since glass tinting keeps the interior cool, drivers would eventually spend less on their car’s air conditioning system which uses fuel.
  • It offers limitless privacy. There are times when one may not want strangers to stare at who they have carried, or what they have kept at the back seat. Window shading would therefore come in handy. Users also run less risk of their cars being broken into especially if they are carrying valuable goods; this is because outsiders can’t see the interior.
  • Prevents light glares and reflections bouncing back from surrounding buildings or other cars.
  •  It protects windows from cracking or shattering due to extreme environmental conditions such as extreme heat. This ensures that they last longer thus saving the owner from spending too much time and money on replacements.


Reasons To Consider Auto Tinting Glass

Remember to ask the elite auto glass tinting firm for an official compliance certificate after they have completed their task, this document can be given to the police in case the car is stopped for routine questioning. Though black is the most popular color in shading, other shades like blue, red and green can also be used.