Steps Involved in Glass Window Repair

The glass window blocks of the most reliable Elite Auto Glass are primarily formed from multiple modular block sets which are initially accompanied by mortar. Often each of the cracks is furthermore affected by the external scratches. In the event of any particular glass block getting damaged, the entire window pane is severely affected. However individual glass panels can be got rid of and replaced by an entirely new window pane.

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The following procedures should be followed for glass window repair:

  • Several strips of duct tape are cut out and placed on both sides of the glass surface.
  • While undertaking window glass repair, safety glasses and work gloves are used. Rubber mallets are applied to entirely break the partially cracked glass. The broken bits of glasses remain adhered to the duct tape. This process is repeated a few times.
  • The scattered bits of glasses are cleaned up efficiently by a vacuum cleaner.
  • The mortar around the damaged glass block is chiselled out. Care should be taken to ensure that the glass block is not affected by this chiselling.
  • Water is added to the pre mixed mortar to maintain the consistency of bread dough.
  • The mortar layer is placed beneath the rested glass block surface. The mortar is thickened according to the existing joints on which the glass blocks are installed.
  • The new glass window repair panel slides inwards towards the centre. The mortar is packed from the other three sides of the glass block. The joints are filled together before the filling procedure is completely done with.
  • The mortar eventually turns firm and is then struck with a narrow spatula like tool. It imparts a good professional appearance to the window glass.
  • Finally, the glass window repair block is wiped to free it from the dust particles and restore the shiny surface of the glass.


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Repairing Broken Window Glass

Broken or damaged window sills create a very unpleasant first impression and the particular structure appears to be neglected or mistreated. Cracked window panes also pose a serious threat to humans especially children. The glass is held extremely loosely by the frame and has every chance of falling out at any given moment. The common window panes are generally very cheap and can be easily replaced. Auto glass window repair therefore becomes extremely important. You can go shopping for the panes at any local repair shop nearby. Some of the steps involved in home window glass repair are listed below:

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  • The frame is measured properly so that there is a clear idea of the actual size of window glass.
  • Legitimate protective measures are undertaken before getting on with the repair works. The glass pieces that do not come off easily are taken apart by the pliers.
  • Heat is applied externally in order to soften the putty. Prolonged heating on the other hand can damage the wooden channels.
  • All the mess is cleared using a dry cloth
  • Some sort of a glazing compound is sprayed on the surface till it becomes soft and pliable. The compound is rolled in the form of a rope.
  • The new window panes are fitted into place and the excessive glazing material is carefully removed.
  • Glazier’s points are applied using an effective multi point tool. The points maintain a separation distance of 4-6 inches. This inter spacing allows the glass to be firmly fitted into the channels.
  • A final quarter inch roll of compound is applied over the glass surface. The putty is then painted to match the colour of the window frames.


Best Quality Auto Glass Window Repair

To conclude, if you are to buy a new set of glass block, it should first match the specifications of the existing ones. The blocks cover a complete range of sizes and shapes. You are also advised to never wash the glass surface with abrasives nor apply putty knifes to dry the mortar. The wiping should be done completely before the surface dries up.