Try the 3M Tint Series Window to Upgrade Your Automobile

Using modern technology, ample amount of people want their vehicles to look stunning and great. Usually they can achieve their goal of upgrading their vehicle with 3m tint films. There is plenty of up gradations that you can make your automobile look great. But these improvements can charge a pretty penny.

Reliable 3m Automotive Window Film

A Little History

In 1966, window tint was invented by 3M. It has innovative products that prevents from harmful sun’s rays and provides protection. It offers cool feel inside Automotives and has been in the market for more than 40 years.

Even though, it has been frequently used in many automobiles for years, 3m window tinting has become more widespread in homes too. This reduces the harmful ultraviolet rays and avoids the reflection and glares which is common in several other window tints.

All About 3m Auto Tint

Why 3M Tint Should Be Installed By Professionals

Window tinting involves working with true professionals. There are plenty of advantages by adopting window tints to your automobile, such as safety, privacy and increased efficiency of vehicles. However, these excellent changes won’t be possible by using a company that produces inferior output.

While cutting the edges and corners, window tints should be applied in a specific manner for an effective result. It is an art that should be processed and installed carefully by a skilled team. If window tints are placed incorrectly, it may result in wrinkle and bubble on the car’s surface. This results in a shorter life span of tint and makes your vehicle look unattractive. Hence before window tinting, one should be very careful in selecting a professional company and make sure that what kind of material they use.

3m Automotive Tint

What Makes it Essential

The benefits of 3M window tint films are plenty. Some of which include the following:

  • A 3M tint glass covers your vehicle bumpers, grill, headlights and side mirrors. It prevents your vehicle from cracking of paint, damages from bugs and other elements
  • Prevents damage to your vehicle when attacked by minor damage.
  • Blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays of about 99% and prevents all kinds of damages by the sun’s rays while you are in the car.
  • These tints help even with visibility or looking out of windows after dark. So this becomes the deterrent to theft i.e., it helps out in spot extra security. It comforts the driving experience to the car rider by blocking out ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays increase the temperatures inside the vehicle and avoid the fading damage of interiors system in the automobile.


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Shop For 3m Ceramic Tint

3M Ceramic Tint: Features and Advantages

  • Life span is more and never turns to purple color.
  • These are non metalized, i.e., there will be no signal interference
  • Provides a sun protection factor of about 1000 and gives protection against UV rays
  • Block the heat coming through your car windows of about 60% and avoids 80% of IR rays and gives protection.
  • The original appearance of the car remains same by avoiding the fading damage to the interiors of your car.
  • This rejects the heat with amazing clarity because it combines of nano-ceramic technology.



3M auto tint glass maximizes your car cool factor in several ways. This blocks glare, heat and prevents in interior fading. Auto tint glass gives a new looks to your car and protects from sun with SPF factors up to 1000. By this the appearance of the car remains original. It also enhances the beauty of the car and provides the view control, day lighting and privacy.

The benefits from these 3M tint glasses are more. Hence all car owners are now getting up with these tinted glasses in their car. There are plenty of tinted glass options with regards to color and designs are available to suit the needs of every vehicle owner.