Using Auto Glass Tinting for Comfortable Interiors

Auto glass tinting becomes essential for places which receive glaring sunlight for almost throughout the year. The tinted glass prevents the car interiors from getting heated from sunlight unduly, ensures privacy and it is even recommended by physicians as it prevents the harmful rays of the sun from affecting the passengers inside the car. It is especially helpful in preventing skin cancer. Privacy is also a very important factor as the tinted glass not only provides you comfort from the heat, it prevents the over curious bystanders on the road to peek inside the car. You enjoy the privacy as if at home, doing whatever is necessary to be done at a given moment.

Quick Auto Glass Tinting


Auto glass tinting protects the car and its passengers in the following ways:

  • It enhances the comfort inside the car by preventing the glaring sunlight to heat up the insides of the car. About 40-90% of the direct sunlight is reflected by auto tinting glass.
  • It absorbs 97% of the infrared rays and hence 60% of the heat is prevented from overheating the interiors.
  • About 99% of the ultraviolet rays are prevented from hitting the interior, protecting the skin of the passengers and prevent the interior color from getting faded with time.
  • It does not interfere with the clear view of the glass hence the signaling can be seen clearly without any hindrance.
  • It ensures the privacy of the passengers.


Find A Quality Auto Glass Window Tinting

How it is installed

Auto glass tinting, if done from Elite Auto Glass; the US based company, would provide you with a lifetime warranty and the tint of the glass would never fade. Like the windshield, auto glass window tinting is also an essential aspect of car accessories to ascertain a smooth and comfortable journey .The tinting of the auto glass window is done in the following steps.

  • Firstly, you need to check out about glass tinting regulations prevalent in the places where you stay. Most of the states in US prevent the car owner from tinting the window glass dark as it prevents the cop from identifying the driver in case of hit and run situation.  So find out the rules from the local statuary bodies or do some online research.
  • Second, you decide what kind of tint you prefer for your car. There are different options present like metallic, reflective or you can opt for the mirrored reflection.


Best Auto Tinting Glass

  • Then you have to choose from the different varieties of tints present. For instance, if you choose OEM variety –it is an inbuilt tint done along with the manufacturing of the glasses .They are usually light tinted glasses and hence would not pose a problem for the regulatory authority and would last for a lifetime.
  • Coated tint is usually done by spraying a special solution over the glass and it lasts longer than films. But there are only few places where the coating is done because of the simple reason that the whole glass would have to be removed if the coating is not done correctly.
  • Films are by far the most popular method of tinting the car window glasses where the glass is specially treated and then a thin polymer film is attached to it. It is the least expensive of all other options and some installers even claim that it limits the possibility of the car from collision. But this type of tinting is not permanent and you have to replace the tint for every five years or so.


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Safety and visual appeal

The auto glass tinting prices are reasonable enough and they are a necessary application for the safety, look and comfort of your car. So what are you waiting for? Find out some professional help and do auto glass tinting as soon as possible.