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The windshield is an essential component of the body that holds the frontal part of the vehicle together. The crash management system of the All Star Auto Glass Seattle chiefly comprises of the windshield along with a few other related tools. The windshield is designed specially to ensure that it remains in place in the event of a roll over or some other accident. The air bags at the sides can be employed by the passenger for the windshield to be retracted inwards near the seats. The windshield repair and the autoglass replacement of All Star Glass Seattle is a simple and hassle free technique irrespective of the model and make of the vehicle. The extensive application of the relevant glass tools guarantees the well being of the auto glass. In the event of a worst case scenario, the faulty materials of the relevant repairs are completely warranted against the particular vehicle.

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Factors Essential for the Service

There are various parameters that should be considered before opting for an appropriate All Star Auto Glass service:

  • Equipment & Product Range: The replacement products that are in place are fully approved by the relevant technical organisations. The glass equipment and adhesives are also tested in accordance with the Federal safety organizations.
  • Mobile Service: The team of All Star Autoglass experts provides you with quick on-site installation services absolutely free of any upfront charges. The servicing vehicles are further placed with the relevant tools and supplies that are required to do the glass. The service providers aim to satisfy you with their superlative quality of services both at your office and house.
  • Inventory: The automotive products cover a range of glass panelling options. In case of shortage of supply, the services are catered to by the other major suppliers. This also accounts for services in an emergency.


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  • Insurance Claims: Any damages to the glass are taken care of by the service providers under the clauses of the insurance policy. Such claims remain unaffected by the premium rating. Billing directly to the insurance company is also done by the service providers on your behalf. Moreover, the service providers charge only a reasonable amount for helping you with the policy claims.
  • Warranty: The nationwide warranty on all the products account for material defects and errors in workmanship as long as the owning of the vehicle remains transparent.
  • Certified Technicians: The technical expertise of the All Star Auto Glass team is certified by I-Car and LYNX. The well trained professionals are highly experienced in the auto glass replacement industry and the average experience of each of the technician is roughly about 14 years.


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Quoting the Service

The company requests you to fill out an application form online, mentioning details of the vehicle and the type of service required. Once the form is submitted, the order is automatically processed to the technicians of All Star Auto Glass. In a normal business day it takes roughly around 15 minutes for the company to get in touch with you over email or by phone as per the client’s convenience. If however any request is made after the business hours, your issues are addressed to in the morning, the following working day.

The customer care executives might gather up any extra information that might be required later in the process. An appropriate quote is issued at your disposal once every detail of the problem is noted carefully. An appointment is set up between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. but only if the clients are comfortable with the initial quotes.

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Apart from All Star, one may also consider contacting Elite Auto Glass service centres in and around the city who are also well equipped to handle windshield problems and other related issues.