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When it comes to windshield repair or replacement, the one name that immediately strikes a chord in your head is Discount Auto Glass. Founded in the year 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Discount Auto Glass has a wide network of service centers and provides quality repairing services throughout the state of Arkansas.

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Windshield Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the windshield is an integral part of auto glass safety and it plays a pivotal role in ascertaining a smooth driving experience and averting accidents on roads. It is not only important to keep the windshield wipers clean so that the visibility of the driver doesn’t get obstructed, but small chips that occur on the windshield due to debris or gravels every now and then, should be immediately taken care of so as the damage doesn’t get worse with the passage of time and is properly addressed to. It would not only improve the visibility of the driver, but would also ensure the safety of the passengers.

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Salient Features

Some of the quality services provided by Discount Auto Glass are as follows:

  • Replace windshields for cars, trucks or RVs.
  • Repair a chip on the windshield.
  • Take care of the paperwork for insurance claims.
  • Any kind of glass installation or repairing work for home or office.
  • Solve any mirror or glass related issues.
  • Prompt mobile service for fast execution of orders.
  • Knowledgeable employees.
  • Easy payment options.
  • Best price in the industry.
  • Friendly customer support.

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  • Discount Auto Glass Replacement: If your windshield is broken to the extent that it cannot be repaired in any way, then a replacement is the only way to fix the issue. With knowledgeable employees at DAG, you can expect to receive only the very best kind of service in the whole industry. Moreover, all the employees are well trained in glass and adhesives and are certified professionals in glass installation. So, you could be rest assured that your prized possession is in safe hands.
  • Discount Auto Glass Repair: It involves repairing a cracked or chipped windshield of a vehicle. First of all, the vehicle is examined for the extent of the damage. Then, if possible, the chip on the windshield is repaired. This involves draping the vehicle first to limit any further damage during the repairing process. Next, damaged or chipped windshield is vacuum cleaned to free it of any kind of dust particles or moisture. Then using specialized tools, a special resin is inserted in the crack or hole to fill the gap and left for sometime to settle down. Last, but not the least, the glass is polished to give it a blemish free look.


In case one’s vehicle insurance doesn’t provide full coverage for windshield replacement or if the insurance deductible is too high, DAG provides the best in class prices to suit the customer’s requirements. Moreover, DAG has affiliations with some of the major automotive insurance companies, which translates to easy insurance paperwork at your end. Just inform the agent at the insurance firm that you want the glass done by DAG and the rest will be taken care of accordingly.

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Another option

One can also go for Elite Auto Glass service centers, the renowned auto glass retail chain in USA, in case they reside outside the state of Arkansas. They also provide an exhaustive range of products and services customized as per the customer’s requirements, especially those who are specifically seeking for auto glass discount.

Elite and Discount Auto Glass offer a wide array of services and products to choose from and one should not delay the repair of the windshield to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.