Things to Consider in Residential Window Tinting

For teenagers and those that crave for privacy, residential window tinting is the soundest option. But apart from serving this particular function, there is another important purpose that the window tint serves – to protect you and your Elite Auto Glass furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun. Residential window tinting film is a piece of sheet that is crafted from polyester material that is scratch resistant on one side and a clear adhesive on the other. If this is your first time to install one, you might want to know that there are certain aspects to consider to be able to find the best one for your individual needs.

The Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Product Description

Window tinting residential was first introduced in the market in 1960’s era. From then on, residential window tinting has become a hit; leading to the production of massive varieties in terms of color and shade. Basically, there are two main types of window film. These two are the following:

1.      Metallic Films – As the name implies, these films are mainly made from metallic components and are widely known for having a reflective surface.


2.      Traditional Films – These can either be dyed or hybrid films; and as opposed to metallic varieties, they are not reflective when struck by light.


Find The Best Window Tinting for Residential

What to Look For

In order to make good use of the film, here are the basic aspects to look at when looking for an excellent tool for residential window tinting:

All About Window Tinting Residential

Film Properties

  • Reflective Quality – Bronze and silver metalized films provide a good amount of shade; meaning you can enjoy utmost privacy once you install one into your home windows. However, non-metalized films can also bring out this effect so they are also a good option to consider for those yearning for secure privacy. However, in some instances, metalized films are a bit more difficult to install than non-metalized counterparts. To avoid this from happening, proper preparation and installation procedures should be practiced.


  • UV Repelling Ability – As you all know, this is the film’s capability to keep the damaging rays of the sun away from you and your home’s interior. Yes, it is indeed damaging; considering that UV rays have long been linked to cancer and can damage upholstery, fade curtains, and bring other negative effects. But with a decent window tinting film, you can block as much as 99% UV rays and keep it from harming you and your valuables at home.


  • Visible Light Tinting – Also known as VLT, this is the measurement in percentage of the quantity of light that can pass through the sheet of film. For example, a number 30 film will allow 30% of light to pass through; while a number 5 will let only 5% of exterior light in. The general rule here is – the lower the percentage, the darker the tint of the film is. Hence, you want to opt for a film that has a VLT rating of 5 if you want supreme privacy in your abode.


  • Adhesive Properties – Here, the buyer have to basic choices: the acrylic or the dry adhesive film. In comparison, dry adhesive offers more ease of use than acrylics. And because it is backed with a durable finish, it cannot be damaged as quickly as acrylics once the film rolls up to itself.


The Advantages Of Residential Window Tinting Film


If you look at market, you’ll notice that there are costly films in small sheets and there are cheap films, but in larger quantities. To get good or even better tinting, you can opt for a generic but high performance film that allows you to do a test run on smaller windows beforehand. Ideally, you should start on a 100-foot roll so that if everything goes wrong during installation, you don’t need to re-order and wait for the film to arrive just to get things done. Also, it pays to have a look at some residential window tinting reviews to be able to find most reasonable option for you, as far as cost is concerned.


Technically, residential window tinting will not only improve the aesthetics of the house; but will also shield it from various factors like light, UV rays, and nosy neighbors, among other things. In addition, you can be assured that your upholstery and curtains will retain their gorgeous colors for as long as possible. Consider installing one today – do not endure the effects of the sun’s rays anymore!