Uniqueness and Perks of Reflective Window Film

The reflective window film, is generally the most easy and cost-effective solution to be able to reclaim your property and also to put it into good and effective use. It comes in generally 3grades, and the greatest advantage it possesses is that, it can be applied to most glass surfaces and also, has an immediate effect. But, the reflecting quality will virtually vary and offer different degrees of privacy when used upon exterior-faced windows or glass-surfaces. It is nocturnally based upon the fact that, more darker the film and more effective it will be. However it will work most effectively during Day-time only.

Silver Reflective Window Film

It is apparently believed that reflective window film is highly recommended to use, darker films for windows facing south as that is where the harmful rays of the sun is intense. It is believed that east facing windows will be exposed during morning, when the sun is generally low, and west facing windows in the afternoon when the sun is high, but will also be brighter. But it is typical that the North-facing windows are not much affected by sun, However it is important to keep in mind that the lighter the film is, the less effective it will be. The film will generally be a self-adhesive material that can be directly applied to glass and once it is applied will give a tinted finish from inside. It is necessary to keep in mind that, the reflective window film should not be applied when the outside temperature is below freezing (32 F).

Cleaning Instructions

A great way to maintain its cleanliness is to use any Gila application solution with a rubber squeeze. Keep in mind to first wet the area with spray, and then give gentle scrubs to remove any kind of dirt or grease. Re-spray and scrub if needed. Later use paper towels to wipe off excess solution. It is harmless to use Ammonia-based glass cleaners because the cleaner doesn’t sit on the film for a long time not more than 1-2 minutes.

Commercial Dual Reflective Window Film

Heat Reflective Window Film

The heat reflective window film, is pertinently designed to cut down the infra-red light that can actually heat up your property, it is also used to cut down the loss of heat during winter time and is basically ideal for home and office. It should be applied internally upon any internal glass surface. It is highly advantageous owing to the fact that it prevents loss of heat. It can work wonders economically as it can bring down your AC &Heating Bills to a large extent. It is basically popular with food retailers and ideal for projects with large amounts of glass. This is the most economical and advantageous film whilst the others in its domain.

Window reflective film

The window reflective film is highly reflective and aims at providing the greatest heat rejection. It gives ONE-WAY VISION amidst day light in order to make property protective from prying eyes.

But what is to be noted nocturnally is that, it works by reflecting light during day-time thereby may have reverse effect during night time.

Therefore cannot be used when the property is to be internally lit and also cannot act as a screen/partition amidst rooms.

How to Install Window Reflective Film

Dual reflective window film

Dual reflective window film is the latest in steel built film technology. These films redirect a considerable fewer light towards the inside of a room. This allows you to see through the glass better especially at night time. A treated glass also allows you to see the outside of the house during the day but those at the outside could not see the interior of the house so you can freely leave your drapes open. Aside from providing you with privacy, it also reduces the heat that comes inside the house making your home cooler during the day.

Basically, the amount of privacy will be determined by the VLT (visible light transmission) of the film. A lower VLT will reduce (but not eliminate) the visibility of anything inside the window.

The Best Automotive Heat Reflective Window Film

Elite Auto Glass

The uniqueness of elite auto glass is that it has a head-top advantage over others because it is highly reliable and stands force and pressure in the event of a crash or a collision, and also comes with life time guarantee.